End of Year Catch Up!

It’s been a long while since my last blog post, it can be pretty easy to let the time slip by and forget to post regular updates, so apologies for the slackness of late!

Since it’s been so long i’ll just look back on a great year as we approach the end of 2014. I took on the biggest challenge of my life back in May which saw me climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro – Africa’s tallest peak, with a great group of people – Team Endeavour. I went a long as the team Videographer and put together a film of the journey to the top – it’s available on my YouTube Channel so please check it out if you have some time over the holiday period.

It was an amazing life experience with a great team and most importantly we raised thousands of pounds for Cancer Research UK, Remount and Have a Heart!

On my return, I enjoyed another great summer working with the British Army 7s team who put in another great effort on the 7s Circuit, featuring in tournaments around the country, including Edinburgh, Newquay and London amongst others. The team finished with a great extra time win over the German National 7s side in Harpenden, with the match being sealed by a superb try, shown in the link below:

During the summer I also tried my hand at filming some other sports including working with the Army Swimming & Water Polo teams and the Army Lawn Tennis Association. It was great to try something new and I also had the opportunity to film at the World famous All England Club, Wimbledon during the Inter Service Tennis Competition. It was definitely a highlight for me to film at one of my favourite places in the world, links are below to check out the montages I put together:

As Summer ended I focused back on rugby and filmed for the Army Rugby League as they took part in their Inter Service Competition. Unfortunately they didn’t retain their IS Crown but they put in a great effort against both the Navy and RAF. I also returned to Reading RFC to begin my sixth Season working with the Green Machine – a great club with a really good set up across the many teams they field week to week.

I also returned to do some filming work for the Army Netball Association during their Corps Competition in Aldershot. I filmed during the two day event and put together a promotional montage to show off the sport within the Army and hopefully attract more interest and players. It was great to cover the event, although a little trickier to film as it’s such a fast paced sport – it was a good challenge and I look forward to working with the ANA again in the future.

It’s also great to be back working with the Royal Engineers RFC as they work towards retaining their Corps Title. They have so far won two and lost one game this Season and return in the New Year to take on the Royal Signals in what will be a tough game against a renewed side.

As well as Christmas and New Year I’m also looking forward to a Skiing Holiday in early 2015 and will be taking my GoPro to hopefully get some good footage on the slopes, stay tuned for that!

I’ve also been working with Coach Logic – A great online coaching analysis tool that is well worth checking out. I spent a day with Founder Mark Cairns filming testimonial videos with West Ham FC Academy as well as Ealing RFC and Reading Hockey – here’s a sample of what I put together:

I’ve also been posting some blogs on their website, which I will also upload to here soon so be sure to check back for them. They feature some tips and tricks for filming/editing, etc that I’ve picked up over the years so they may come in handy!

Overall, it’s been a great 2014 with plenty of awesome experiences that I will never forget and meeting some great people along the way, making new friendships! It’s seen me take on new tasks and challenges and hopefully is a sign of even better things to come for 2015!

See you in the New Year!


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Army Rugby Union Shots of the Year 2014

For those who regularly watch my videos you know that NFL Films are a big inspiration for me and the way they film and present NFL games. They capture the action, both on and off the field, and are great at editing the footage together and producing packages that show off the sport in a very unique way.

At the end of every NFL Season they produce a montage of the best shots from the year, using great angles & close ups and showcase them together in a 6 minute presentation.

ARU Shots of the Season 2014 Screenshot

ARU Shots of the Season 2014 Screenshot

For the past few years I have done the same for the Army Rugby Union, taking inspiration from NFL Films and compiling some of the best footage I have taken throughout the season at various competition levels throughout the Army Rugby Union. The Senior XV feature heavily throughout the montage along with the Corps, Premiership and Unit teams that I have covered during the course of the Season. Unfortunately it is not possible to cover every game myself but the montage gives a snapshot of the great talent on show at the many levels of the Army Rugby Union.

It is always my favourite video to work on every year as it allows me to be a bit more creative in the type of shots I get and the way I edit it all together. I try to be inventive with the shots I get whilst filming and try to capture the great action on the pitch as well as some quieter moments between play, all of which feature in this years montage.

Please take a few minutes to check out the video, featuring some great talent throughout the Army Rugby Union!



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It’s been a while since i’ve updated my blog so just wanted to write a quick update on the past month, starting with the Army Rugby Union retaining their Inter Service Title after they defeated the Navy in front of a record Twickenham Crowd. It was a close first half but the Army eventually pulled away in the second and capped off another successful season! Highlights are available via my YouTube Channel;

The following week I set off with Team Endeavour to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for Charity, it was a challenging and amazing experience that I will never forget and the views from the top at Uhuru Peak were incredible! I went along as the team Videographer to capture the experience and will be putting together a short film which will be available over the next couple of months, until then here is a Teaser video to give you a glimpse of the amazing views!

The Team are raising money for three Charities; Cancer Research UK, Have A Heart and Remount, any support and donations are very welcome, we are on Facebook at:


Updates and pictures will follow so take a look and ‘Like’ for more info!

Since returning, I have been back with the Army Rugby League and 7s Team as they both continue their Seasons this summer, for more news and videos be sure to check out my Facebook page and YouTube Channel!

Thanks for reading!



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Happy New Year everyone! 2013 was another good year, where I was lucky enough to travel some more, visiting South Africa with the Royal Engineers team. I also took on my biggest project to date working with the Great Britain Armed Forces Rugby League Team this Summer at the Armed Forces World Cup in Colchester. I was able to meet some great people there whilst filming a ‘Behind the scenes’ Living with Lions DVD and produced a 6 pack DVD for each member involved documenting the build up & events on and off the pitch.

I also filmed my first Wedding in February which went well and closed out the year with my second! Another first was filming the Royal Engineers Football Team against an FA XI at Maidstone FC, it was another great opportunity and hopefully i’ll get the chance to work with them again in 2014.

Hopefully 2014 will be even better with more new & exciting opportunities! Here’s a short Promo I put together using Final Cut X which I have been experimenting with, upgrading from FC7, it will take a little time to get used to the new features but I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it!


Have a great 2014!




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Summer Catch Up

Beautiful day filming 7s - Photo By Lee Crabb - Scrumpix.co.uk

Beautiful day filming 7s – Photo By Lee Crabb – Scrumpix.co.uk

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates over the past two months, it’s been a pretty busy summer since arriving back from South Africa with the Engineer Rugby Team. June/July saw me take on my biggest project to date working with the Great Britain Armed Forces Rugby League team as they took part in the Armed Forces World Cup in Colchester. I stayed with the team for two weeks filming and editing together a ‘Living with Lions’ DVD which would be part of a package included with the teams’ games and photos. Unfortunately GB lost to New Zealand in the Semi Final and didn’t retain their crown but it was a fantastic experience for me to be in the team environment and to meet some excellent people. The task of putting the DVD packages together will take some time as I will be producing 60 copies with 6 DVDs in each pack, burning off disks, labels & covers, etc but hopefully it will be a good keepsake for the squad despite the final outcome on the pitch.

Elsewhere I have been filming for the Army 7s team once again this summer which has been great. The team put in some brilliant performances throughout the summer winning at West Country, Cwmtawe, Edinburgh, Newquay and last week at the Harpenden National 7s, beating Italy and Germany on the way to winning the title. I’m in the process of putting together an End of Season DVD for the squad including a couple of montages from footage over the past few seasons in what has been a very successful period for the Reds. The team also took part in the inaugural World Club 7s at Twickenham, going along as an invitational team to play in an Exhibition game vs a Gilbert ‘X-Factor’ side. The ACT Brumbies won the main competition and included star winger Henry Speight in their team, brother of Army Winger Sam. It was great to meet him and watch some great rugby throughout the day.

Me & Henry Speight - World Club 7s

Me & Henry Speight – World Club 7s

I’ve also been pretty busy working on some projects with the Army Physical Training School, including a recruitment video and promotional montage to promote the Corps and I’ll be filming at the National Arboretum in two weeks as the Corps unveils a new Remembrance Monument.

The Rugby Union Season is getting back underway and i’ll be starting my fifth year filming with Reading RFC who open their fixtures away to Marlow, it should hopefully be another good year for the Green Machine who will look to build on an impressive 2012/13 season.

I’m also heading up to Newbury on Wednesday for the Army Premiership 10’s Competition, which should be a great day of rugby between the top regiments across the Army.

I also have the Inter Services Rugby League coming up this month opening with the Army hosting the RAF before travelling to Portsmouth to take on the Navy, after which the Royal Artillery will be defending their Lawson Cup title in the Season Finale vs the RLC on the 25th.

Summer Filming

Summer Filming

I’ll make sure to post some more updates over the coming months, meanwhile be sure to check out my website and Facebook page, and if you like follow me on Instagram for pics when i’m out and about!


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ARU Shots of the Year 2013 & June Update

This is my first blog update in a while, coming off a pretty busy month of May, which saw the Army retain their Inter service crown with two tricky fixtures against the RAF and of course the Navy at Twickenham which drew in a record crowd of over 70,000.

Shortly after that I headed off to South Africa with the Royal Engineers Rugby Union side for a great two week tour which included three games against local Durban sides as well as a Safari and Battlefield tour of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift – overall a fantastic experience!

Me at Rorke's Drift, SA 2013

Me at Rorke’s Drift, SA 2013

Now that i’m back i’ll be putting a Tour DVD together for the squad as well as continuing working with the Army 7s who have begun their season, and the Royal Artillery League team. Coming up next month I will be working with the GB Armed Forces Rugby League side as they take part in the RL Defence World Cup up in Colchester. I’ll be with the team for two weeks and doing a ‘Living with the Lions’ style behind the scenes DVD for the squad as they look to retain their World Champion crown.

I’ve also just finished the Army Rugby Union Shots of the Year 2013 – A project I always enjoy working on every year. This is the third year I have put this montage together, inspired by the NFL Films version & includes some of the best shots that I have filmed during the course of the 2012/13 Season from the games that I have attended.

I’ve included some of my favourite shots from a variety of games encompassing as much of Army Rugby as I could from the games that I filmed over the season. Clips range from Senior XV, 7s, Women, Premiership, Corps & Masters. I used some clips that I took using my camera Dolly prior to the Army’s game vs Oxford which came out well. Some of my favourite shots include the Worcester team coming out of the tunnel – I had the camera on the ground to get a good low shot as they ran out with Army Fly Half James Read then coming into picture from the right adding a layer of depth to the clip, getting himself ready for kick off walking up to the ball and picking it up. I didn’t realise he was walking into the shot but think it works nicely and came out pretty well.

The 2012/13 season provided some of the worst weather I have filmed in and I wanted to get that across in the video, adding in clips from the Army/Bedford game which saw heavy snow and hail – including footage of game action to a simple shot of a player waiting for a scrum to form whilst the hail bounces off his head & shoulders – pretty rubbish to film in but looks good on camera!

I’ve also included several clips from the Army Premiership Semi Finals at Newbury RFC where conditions were again terrible, with rain, sleet and then snow coming down during the course of the two games. By the time the teams took to the field for the second semi final the pitch had turned into a mud bath and I captured some good shots, especially at the scrums of the players trying to find some sort of footing in the heavy mud.

Another shot that I particularly like is the Engineer & REME players walking out of the tunnel in the Corps Final. It’s only a simple shot from low down as they both walk out either side of the camera but I think it looks good. Just after that I’ve included a shot of Army Prop Ricky Reeves getting pumped up just after the National Anthem. I remembered the previous year he did the same thing but I didn’t get the shot in time so this year I focused on him as the Anthem ended and got his reaction as he got ready for kick off. As I try to do with all of my videos I’ve also snuck in a few ’12’ clips, some subtle, others not so! I also make a brief cameo appearance in this years vid as well!

There’s plenty of great action from a wide range of players included in the video, so hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the link to view Army Rugby Union Shots Of The Year 2013;


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March Madness…

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks as the Rugby Union Season draws to a close and the Army vs Navy game at Twickenham creeps closer. I’ve had quite a few fixtures with the Army side filming their A Team and Senior Team as they get themselves ready for their Inter Service campaign. This past week I was also filming the Army Premiership which featured the Welsh Guards and 39 Engr Regt, it wasn’t a high scoring classic, rather a tactical game which pitted the flair of 39’s backs vs the stubborn defence of the Welsh Guards, with the latter just pulling through to win 11-3.

Next Tuesday sees the Royal Engineers feature in their first Corps Final for two years, after a great season so far the Sappers will look to finish things off in style against an always difficult REME side, kick off is 1700 hrs at the Army Aldershot Stadium – its sure to be a great game. I’ve put together a pre game motivational piece, which i’ve been working on for a few weeks, hopefully it will have the desired effect, it will be posted up shortly after the game on my YouTube Channel.

I’ve also been busy working on a few promotional videos for some PR firms and Sponsors involved with Army/Navy, lost count of how many times i’ve been through last years game picking out footage and clipping it up!!

The weather has been pretty crazy lately, and it’s pretty rubbish being out in the cold filming pitch side, the only good thing is that the snow and rain looks pretty good on camera I’ve got some great looking shots so far this season from across the range of teams i’ve filmed for and have got one eye on my 2013 version of ‘Army Rugby Shots of the Year’ which i’m excited to start working on once things have quietened down a bit.

Lastly, just wanted to share a YouTube channel that I came across a couple of months ago and has really inspired me. It’s by a guy called Devin Graham aka Devin Supertramp. He puts together some awesome videos and has a great filming style, he’s just passed 1 million subscribers and it’s well worth checking out his page for some awesome videos. Here’s his YouTube channel link;


That’s pretty much it for now, keep checking back on my Facebook page and YouTube channel for more updates and videos, i’m also getting into Instagram as well now which you can find me on at ‘jonathanfowke’.




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